Asscher - A stepped cut diamond with trimmed corners. Similar to Emerald cut but in the shape of a square.

Brilliant Cut - All facets appear to radiate out from the centre of the diamond toward its outer edges, designed to maximise brilliance

Carat – a diamond’s weight is measured in carat. A single carat is comprised of 100 points.

Clarity – the measure of natural inclusions or external blemishes that occur in the diamond. Clarity is graded with 10x magnification under standard viewing conditions.

Colour – the measure of how “colourless” or “white” a diamond is.

Cushion -  A brilliant cut fancy shape that resembles a square or rectangle with rounded corners and larger facets to accentuate the stone’s brilliance. Also known as "pillow cut".

Cut – measures how well a diamond is cut. The cut determines a diamond’s brilliance, sparkle and fire.

Emerald - A square or rectangular-shaped diamond with trimmed corners. On the crown, three concentric rows of facets are arranged around the table and, on the pavilion, three concentric rows arranged around the culet. This type of cut is known as a Step Cut because its broad, flat planes resemble stair steps.

Fluorescence – a blue or yellow light emitted by a diamond when exposed to ultraviolet light. Fluorescence is caused by trace elements, usually nitrogen, that seep into the diamond when it is being created.

Heart - A brilliant cut fancy shaped diamond tenderly crafted into the timeless Valentine's motif. The ultimate symbol of romance and love.

Marquise - A brilliant cut fancy shape diamond distinguished by elongated points at each end. Also known as the “Navette” shape, meaning “little boat”.

Oval - An oval diamond has beautiful brilliance similar to a round diamond. 

Pear - A brilliant cut fancy shape diamond that tapers off into a teardrop.

Polish – how smoothly the facets of a diamond have been polished, whether any marks are visible from the polishing wheel, and how defined the edges of each facet are.

Princess - A fancy type of brilliant cut in the shape of a square.

Radiant - A brilliant cut diamond in the shape of a square or rectangle. Similar to the cushion cut but with cropped corners.

Round - The classic diamond shape is the round brilliant cut.

Symmetry – the overall symmetry of a diamond’s facets and how well facets align with each other, how corresponding facets from opposite sides of the diamond align with each other and the relationship between crown facets and pavilion facets.