Diamond Cut

The beauty of an individual diamond depends on cut more than anything else and is the most important characteristic out of the 4 Cs.

Diamond cutting is a highly delicate process that prizes skill, scientific knowledge and experience.
At Eight & Diamond, we're driven by the pursuit of the most exquisite cuts. How a diamond is precisely cut and polished from its rough form is what determines its overall sparkle and is based on three attributes:

  • Brilliance (the total light reflected from a diamond)
  • Fire (the dispersion of light into the colours of the spectrum)
  • Scintillation (the flashes of light, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved)

To understand diamond cut, it is necessary to know the structure of a diamond and how this affects the movement of light through the stone. 


Figure 1. The Anatomy of a Diamond

Table: The largest facet at the top
Crown: The top part of the diamond between the girdle and the table
Girdle: The narrow band at the diamond's widest point
Pavilion: The bottom part of the diamond between the girdle and the culet
Culet: The fact at the bottom tip 
Total Depth: The height of a diamond from the table to the culet

A diamond is comprised of two main sections, the Crown and the Pavilion. Their structure and relationship together in the form of table and depth percentages are the major influencers in a diamond's sparkle. When a diamond is well cut, light enters and returns out of the top of the diamond. However, if the cut is too deep, light escapes out of the side; too shallow and it leaks out of the bottom. 

The GIA employs a five-point scale for grading diamond cut, ranging from excellent and very good, to good, fair and poor. Excellent cut grades are awarded to diamonds with the highest level of sparkle intensity, while Fair and Poor grades indicate poorer light reflection and therefore less sparkle.  

Eight & Diamond only works with manufacturers that meet the very high standards we aim to provide to our customers. Their proven, exacting craftsmanship ensures that no unnecessary brilliance is lost in a diamond under any circumstances.








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