The Eight & Diamond Concierge takes the hassle out of shopping around, offering a sophisticated and personalised service to help you find the perfect diamond for the best price. 

Don’t know where to look? Overwhelmed with choices? Looking for the extra guidance and education? Sit back and allow us to take all of the time consuming searching around off your hands, allowing you to focus on what you really want. 

Our trusted relationships with diamond manufacturers gives you exclusive and direct access to diamonds that the general public cannot usually reach. We deliver diamonds straight to you at the wholesale prices that only industry insiders can secure. 

How does it work?

The Diamond Concierge Service typically begins with a consultation to determine what you are looking for and your ideal diamond. We are here to educate you the basics of understanding a diamond and advise you on how to get the best value for your purchase. For example, if the budget is too low, we will advise you on how to compromise on certain aspects without affecting the appearance of the diamond to stay within budget. We are happy to service any customer request, from the round 1-carat solitaire, to the rare blue diamond. 

Upon finalizing on a search, we reach out to our network of suppliers to find the most suitable diamond for the best price. The time to source a stone can take anywhere from an hour to a week depending on the rarity of the diamond. 

Once a diamond selection is sourced, we will personally escort you to the showroom and guide you through the diamond viewing, much like a property estate agent escorts a client to see a property for sale. 

The Concierge Service doesn’t stop there. Our relationships with experienced designers and skilled craftsman enable us to turn your diamond purchase into a piece of fine jewellery.

Whether you’re a shopping for an engagement ring or the next rare diamond for your investment portfolio, the Eight & Diamond Concierge Service is designed so that everything is taken care of, tailoring our service to your personal requirement. 

The Eight & Diamond Concierge Service is your key to sourcing your perfect diamond for the best price. 

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